DoingTIMEDoingTIME® is a simple, yet powerful timekeeping and billing software. It can be used for any type of practice and now you can spend your chargeable time on something other than billing.

DoingTIME generates aging reports to help keep track of what is outstanding. It also handles trust accounts so you can provide a good audit trail for your clients. The software can easily generate several management reports, e.g. showing how much time is being spent by each timekeeper, balances reports. It also prints monthly statements that fit in window envelopes.

It’s also easy to generate reports for fee applications with breakdowns by project. You can bill on a flat fee basis and still track the time you spend on a client’s matter to get a feel for your standard rates.  Since DoingTIME is not limited to bankruptcy, it’s easy to generate reports for fee applications. You can bill on a flat fee basis and still track the time you spend on a client’s matter to get a feel for your standard rates.

Download a trial version of DoingTIME today! It’s a fully functional copy of the program, but all printed forms have the watermark “For Demo purposes only” until the program is unlocked.  All licenses include a year of free updates and technical support. We want you to be fully satisfied with your LegalPRO product and to help you fully utilize its potential. Technical support representatives can help with any questions, Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-6:30 p.m. CST at (210) 561-5300 or at

  • Easily compare the time you are spending against what you are charging
  • Generate aging reports to keep up with what is outstanding. Also very useful for tracking Ch. 13 Trustee payments.
  • Links with BankruptcyPRO® to receive client information automatically
  • Generate timekeeper reports
  • Handle trust accounts
  • Print monthly statements that fit in window envelopes


  • Print receipts for the clients
  • Filter clients by keywords on main screen
  • Assign keywords to clients
  • Enter client notes on main screen
  • Simple billing transactions
  • Printed statements fit window envelopes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bill both flat fee and time-and-expense clients in DoingTIME?
Yes! In addition, you can track your time on your flat-fee clients to see if you’re charging enough.

Will DoingTIME handle trust accounts?
Yes! You can transfer the retainer to your billing account in DoingTIME easily. DoingTIME keeps a running balance for all your accounts.

Am I limited to Bankruptcy Law in DoingTIME?
Absolutely NOT! DoingTIME can be used for any type of practice, as well as other type of business where you want to bill your clients.

If I am doing Bankruptcy work, can DoingTIME help me stay on top of the payments from the trustee?
Yes. You can schedule Trustee payments in DoingTIME, and run an Aging Report to see where you stand.

Can I print receipts for clients from within DoingTIME?
Yes. You can get rid of your old receipt book and have the payment entered directly in DoingTIME. Print out the receipt for your client in real-time.

Is it difficult to enter transactions in DoingTIME?
No. There are several shortcuts available to make this an efficient process.

Can I have more than one hourly rate in DoingTIME?
Yes. Each timekeeper can have up to 5 different standard hourly rates and designate one as a default. You can also specify rates for particular circumstances.